Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking Forward to a Night Out!

I am quite excited that Angela and I will be going out on the town this Saturday Night. We will be headed to a club in Toronto. A bunch of friends invited us to join them, and since we haven't been out like that in over a year, we agreed to go. The only thing is, is that we will be leaving Maizey for the first time overnight. Ugh. I am feeling a little heartbroken. I'm sure she will be fine. Her Meama (my mom) wanted to babysit, but due to recovering from her illness, she is feeling like she is not confident enough. She is still weaker than normal, and has trouble getting up the stairs while carrying things. Her Nana (her dad's mom) was going to babysit, but her father has been admitted to the hospital. Her Auntie (her dad's sister) has stepped up and graciously offered to have her for the night. It makes me so happy that she has such a large and loving family. I just hope that I will be able to have a good time, and not worry and think about her all night. My biggest fear is that she will need "me" and I won't be there and she will feel abandoned.

We are going away to Toronto again the next weekend. It is Angela's birthday on March 28, so we had plans to visit friends in London that weekend. I had booked a Jacuzzi suite in a hotel down there. Well, we came to realize that those friends would be in Toronto that weekend as one of them has some training there. Well, now there is drama between us all, and we were considering not going at all. We decided we would go anyway. Toronto is a big city, and we have the right to celebrate Angela's birthday however we would like to. Angela booked those days off of work, knowing we wanted to do something special, and we have a babysitter for Maizey that whole weekend (her dad and papa), So we will go. Again though, not looking forward to leaving the baby. Dad and Pops have agreed to come and stay at our house with Maizey, so that she will be in familiar surroundings and they will have all of her things available to them. I am really quite looking forward to what we have planned. A couple of our other friends have suggested they might meet up with us there, they often go to Toronto and usually stay in the same hotel that Angela and I are planning to stay in. I wanted a Jacuzzi suite again, but decided against it for a better location and price.

I talked to my dad in China last night. He is thinking about visiting his father in Scotland soon. He was saying that is is somehow cheaper for him to fly to Toronto from China, and then to Scotland, than it is to fly directly from China to Scotland. I am hoping he has some time in Toronto, so that we can visit with him. He hasn't yet met his granddaughter. I would like him to meet her.

Next Tuesday is Maizey's 4 month appointment at the doctors. My mom is going to come with me because I can't stand it when she gets needles. Ugh. The doctor had mentioned that we will be likely starting her on Cereal at that time to try to get a few more calories into her. We have been practicing sitting in her highchair. She quite likes it.

I bought some nice looking rib steaks from Costco the other day, and am looking forward to grilling them tonight. I just need to run out and get some beer... what is a great steak without a beer. I should also get some green food colouring so that I can have a green beer on St. Patricks day today, after all, I am part Irish!

Angela has the day off today, so maybe we will go up to her Dad's house for dinner. He is quite lonely since losing his wife. There is still some talk about him moving down here and sharing a home with us. I have really put some thought into it, and I am really thinking it could be a great situation. He really is a sweet man and would make a nice addition to our home. I am hoping we can get a place with a pool. I had a pool growing up and really loved it. Also, I have visions of having Sunday BBQs with the extended family and friends. It would be so nice. I love being in the company of good friends and family.

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