Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vacation on the Brain

Angela and I had a nice time both last weekend and the weekend before that. It was nice to have time for just the two of us, in a hotel, with a king sized bed. I didn't even miss the jaccuzzi. We spent friday night dining on Portuguese food, and then we watched a movie (Harry Potter, The Deathly Hollows- part one) in the Hotel room. The next day we enjoyed sleeping in, and then headed down to the pool. After the pool, we met up with our good friends, who had come to join us for a Birthday celebration for Angela. We went for lunch, and then went back to the hotel for some drinks. A little later, we headed out to a bar for a while.
On Sunday, we went to the Ontario Science Centre. There was so much to see and do there, we are wishing we had gone earlier, and will definately be going back.|

While spending time with our friends, we all decided that we would rent a cottage this summer for a two family vacation. Our frinds have 3 children, and it has always been something that they wanted to do, take their kids to a cottage right on the water for a week long vacation. Each of the kids will bring a friend to hang around with. It will be a fun time. I am pretty excited. We found the perfect Cottage for such a large group, only it is a little luxurious. It is a $1 million cottage. It has 4 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms, also laundry, dishwasher, air conditioning. I know the point of the cottage is a little bit of nature, but this place is right in the middle of nature. Oh it looks so beautiful. I can't wait. (Also I can wait because I don't want Maizey to get any older).

My Dad is here from China. It is a nice suprise visit. He got to meet Maizey today. I am so happy he got to meet her while she is still a baby. His next regular visit would be in October, so she would be almost one by then. It is funny, but, Maizey's Papa (Michael) walked by the restaurant we were eating lunch in, so I ran out and had him join us. Later, he called to tell me how much he finds Maizey looks like my dad. Now that he's mentioned it, I can totally see it. Once my dad sends me the pictures from lunch today, I will post some.

Before now, I was unsure that I wanted to have another child. I thought one was enough. On the weekend, I think I decided that I want to try for just one more. I had a lot of trouble with the first few months with Maizey, but we made it through, and we can make it again. Totally worth it!! Not to mention we will probably have less detrimental things going on in our life for the first few months of the next one, lets hope anyway. I want to be pregnant again, I want another infant. But, I want to wait until Maizey is 2 before we start trying. Of course, this is just me talking right now. I will have to make sure that both Angela and Maizey's dad are on board. There is just a small bit of talk about Angela carrying the next one. I would be ok with that, despite wanting to be pregnant again. But again, she isn't that interested so we shall see.

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