Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok? A little bit paranoid again... Is it possible that Maizey is teething? She is cranky, drooly (not massively but a little more than she use to), she has rosy cheeks, she is eating.. but also chewing on the bottle nipple. Oh, she also had a second bowel movement today that was more yellow and a little less thick than usual. I stuck my finger in her mouth to feel, and the only thing I could find is something sharp on the upper gums, but they are where the lateral incisors or cuspids are? that would be weird first teeth no?

ugh.. I cant stand being paranoid.

Please feel free to comment... I need advice and a sounding board.


Stacey said...

I wouldn't worry. It's possible she's teething. When they teeth, they tend to be very fussy when the tooth is moving under the gums and you can't even see/feel anything. When the tooth breaks through, I find they are okay.

I would think that wouldn't be one of her first teeth...usually top front or top bottom center teeth arrive first. Don't let it stress you out--she sounds fine. :)

Shannon said...

Teething can go on for a long time before they actually get a tooth, so even if you can't feel anything, it could be that her gums are bothering her. Ian was teething since he was really, really little but never got his first tooth until 9 months! Erik on the other hand was just under 5 months when he got his first, and I have heard of babies being even younger. So it's totally possible she's teething even if her first tooth might not appear for a while. I wouldn't worry.