Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paranoid Mom

So, I've been so paranoid lately. Maybe it's because I've been on my own.
The other day maizey was so cranky and fussy all day and not finishing her 2 oz of formula... I was so worried. I think in the end she was just a little backed up because she was more herself once she pooped. Then I was worried because she was dopey and sleepy all day mixed with a little more fussy than usual.. And she was eating like a champ! I talked myself into relaxing and chalking up the symptoms to a growth spurt. We were away at our friends in London so it was easier to try not to worry. Once we returned home, maizey has been in a great mood... !!! I even managed a load of laundry an cleaning the main floor !

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Stacey said...

Try and relax. They get cranky for a number of reasons--gas, poop, teething, milestone development, tired, different routine, sometimes from seeing too many different people (overwhelmed). You're doing a great job and a baby will have cranky days here and there... :)