Saturday, January 29, 2011

la la la la la la tonight!

Yay! Tonight Mama comes home from Portugal. I am going to pick her up from the air port. Yes.. I use to be all brave and this wouldn't have even phased me in the least... but not anymore. I'm a little nervous about knowing what I'm doing. I'm sure I will figure it out though. It can't be that hard. I hope the weather is ok for driving.
I have decided that I am not going to bring Maizey with me. Ange I am sure wants to see her right away, but it would just be too much. I don't think I am ready to drive that far with her in the back seat all by herself. I can't stand to listen to her cry, so if she got fussy, it would not be a good thing. Although, I did drive to London with her back there and she just slept. My brother has offered to babysit for me. So I will take him up on it. My mom wants to see Ange too, so this will be good. When we stop at my brothers to pick Maizey up, we can visit for a while. Her Flight is scheduled to come in at 6:45pm.
While Maizey spent the day with her dad the other day, I went shopping across the boarder (USA). I went a little bananas on the baby clothes. But she looks darn cute. My favourite score? A tie! It is between the Giraffe outfit, and the cute jeans outfit. I absolutely LOVE me some GIRAFFE. I've always been fascinated by them. I also stopped at the mall here, and picked up a swing for her. She loves it. I was worried that she would fall asleep in there all the time but she hasn't .. she likes the mobile. so cute!
I want to do something today.. but I don't know what. The day is going to go by way to slowly if I don't.


Shannon said...

LOVE the post title. :) Adorable pictures.

You must be happy she's home!

Stacey said...

she's a cutie. love the outfits.

yay for ang coming home!!