Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miss Maizey went for her 2 month doctor visit yesterday. She did well. The doctor says she is a healthy girl. He would like to see her eat more, as she only eats 2oz every 2 -3 hours. He told me to wait the full 3 hours each time and offer her 3oz. That makes for a cranky last half hour. Then, she still only eats 2oz. How do you get her to eat more?
She also had her 2 month vaccinations. Oh she hated that! I managed to calm her down though. After that we ran out to the pharmacy to get some baby acetaminophen just in case she developed a fever. She was so groggy and dopey. Once we got home, she was sleeping with her eyes cracked open a bit. She basically slept from 4pm until 10am this morning. There was some uneventful waking for eating about every 3 hours. Definitely not her usual self. She had no fever and wasn't fussy at all. I was worried that she would sleep all day again today and then not sleep tonight, but she's been groggily awake during her usual wakeful times.
Something the Doctor told me that I find interesting. We were all proud of ourselves that we got Maizey to her own bed in her own room by 2 months. I guess that isn't what they recommend anymore. They like for the baby to be in the parents room now. I secretly would be more comfortable with this to begin with so the news didn't upset me at all, but now, the crib needs to be taken apart and moved. I could probably do that myself, but won't. I'll wait for Angela to come home. I guess the other option is to take the bedroom doors off so the crib can fit through. Right now, I'll just sleep in her room on the double bed we have in there.
Angela has buried her mom. She's called me each night from Portugal. I miss her so much, but lucky for me I have lots of supportive friends.
I'm hoping life can get back to normal in February. It just seems every where I turn, people's lives are up-side-down. Not good. :(


Teaberry said...

How long do they recommend the baby stays in your room? I wanted Lucas to sleep in with us, but he refused his bassinette from day one! I was really sad about that!

So glad Angela was able to talk to you every day... I'm sure having you on the other end of the line made her feel loved and secure.

Karen said...

they didn't say how long she should sleep in our room for. I imagine it's until the risk of sids is drasticaly lower.
I guess I should have asked that lol.

Stacey said...

It's because they can hear your breathing and breathe in sync with you, I believe. We can't get the kids out of our room. LOL

Glad things are okay. Riley was not a big eater and I think it's just how some kids are. To this day, she rarely eats a lot but sometimes she surprises us and wolfs down a meal. Maybe Maizey isn't a big eater.

Angela will be home soon. :) It must be so rough for her right now. :(

We should make plans to meet up sometime!!!!

Shannon said...

We moved our kids out by two months too, and we all slept better because of it. :) Actually I'm not sure how old Ian was - kind of a blur. But Erik was definitely 2 months. Our kids were noisy sleepers as babies and we couldn't stand it - also they were big so they outgrew the bassinet quickly. Once we moved them to their own room, they didn't seem so restless and neither were we. I do remember hearing that they breathe in sync with you when they're in the same room, though.

Sorry to hear you're on your own for a couple of weeks. This must be so hard on both of you. Hope things settle down soon.