Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Congratulations to Angela !!

A little while ago, Angela decided to apply to a new job. She currently works for Canadian*Tire as the manager in the parts department. The new job is also for Canadian*Tire corperation, only it would not be in a retail store. This new job is only part time but pays a lot more. She got the job!! She can also stay on part time at the retail store so she'll be making full time hours combined at least. I'm very proud of my girl!

In pregnancy news, all seems well. The m/s comes and goes. I find I pee more, and i have been feeling more constipated. I'm also starting to feel more nervous as I approach the period of time the miscarriage happened last year. It's just so hard when you have to wait to see what's in there. I wish I could just see everything is fine.

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Teaberry said...

Way to go, Angela!!