Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Using only one word

Hair: Brown
Your Mother: admirable
Your Father: Absent
Fav Food: changes
Dream Last Night: Snakes
Fav Drink: Soda
What room are you in?: Living
Hobby: Camping
Fear: Snakes
Where were you last night?: home
Something that you aren’t: Thin
Muffins: Orange
Wish List Item: Money
Where you grew up: Niagara
What you are wearing: undies
Your Pet: Three
Friends: Cherished
Something you’re not wearing: make-up
Fav Store: avondale
Fav Color: Red
Last time you laughed: Hard
Your Best Friend: Love
Best Place you go over and over: Bugsy's
Person who you email regularly: Mom
Fav Place to Eat: Bugsy's

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Teaberry said...

ugh, snakes! Gross!!