Monday, January 25, 2010

Two weeks in...

Well today marks 2 weeks into my self challenge of not eating any processed sugars. So far I've managed to do well. It does seem however that every where I look, there is a chocolate calling my name. I have been pretty good at staying below the recommended calorie limit. Today, somehow I managed to go over. At first I felt insanely guilty about it, but then I decided that would only make things worse. I forgive myself. I also realize that the calories I am eating are probably not the healthiest calories and that I could be eating healthier foods, making better choices, but that will come. I am stuck wondering if it matters what kind of calories I take in, this is one thing not discussed or covered by my app. I have decided to purchase a new scale though, mine for sure is not reliable. Just this morning, I hopped on and weighed one amount, and didn't trust the result so I got on a few more times to find the scale reading 5 lbs more. It is one of those scales that you can lean left or right and weigh less or more depending on your goal and your honesty.
I am satisfied thinking I lost 4 lbs even if the scale says I lost more (with no leaning)
things in the land of ttc seem to be the same as usual. Nothing to report. With fear of the jinx, I do have to say that if I conceive this cycle, there is a good chance of the estimated due date being my mom's birthday. Wouldn't that be exciting, what better gift to get than a grandchild you never thought likely. Even better if I have a girl. :)
don't get me wrong, I'll take any child on any date!

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