Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My app says so

My menstrual calendar app is telling me to start inseminating on Friday. My KD has the same app but I fired off a text to him to remind him of the approaching time. It's going to be tricky coordinating this because I work this weekend both days at 7am. He has to run his family business from 9am to midnight each day. we have (I think) elected to begin Friday, skip Saturday and follow through Sunday and will go again Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. I haven't much discussed it with him but know that generally he is alright with weekdays. We might also be able to fit one in on Monday depending on Angela's work schedule and his school times. I am hoping that my minimal weight loss and avoidance of sugar has helped. I bought a new scale yesterday. I even stepped into the age of digital, but when I got it home, I found that someone had pulled a switch-a-roo and put a less expensive make and model scale in the box of the scale I was intending to purchase and I was upset. Angela kindly agreed to take it back for me today.

It is weird though because I am excited to weigh myself. I really have no idea what I've lost so far but it has to be something right.

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