Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yep.. that's right... It's Thursday. Today is sort of like my Friday. I am working my last Afternoon shift and then I am off tomorrow. Only tomorrow though. It's OK. I have to work on the weekend and then, I am off for Monday (Canadian holiday) and Tuesday (my regular day off). Ange is off today to take her parents to the airport. They are going to Portugal for 2 weeks. Her mom is by no means any better, but wants to go to Portugal when she still can. Her doctors have cleared her for the trip, but she must not stay longer than two weeks. Well, this means we will be looking after their two dogs. So we will have 4 dogs all together in our place. We're pretty use to it though. I'm a little upset because the dogs keep peeing on the grass and it is killing the grass. We just bought that grass too. I went to the Pet*Smart today and asked if they had anything that would keep the pee from killing the grass and the woman told me I would have to go to the hardware store for stuff like that. So I stroll down the one Isle and what do I find? Yep, Stuff that keeps the pee from killing the grass lol. Thanks for all the help lady! I was hoping to find something that we could spray on the grass so the dogs would not have to ingest anything, I found something that said it makes the burnt spots from the pee look greener instantly... Then I thought, it probably contains green die of some sort and just paints the grass green, well I don't want that ... so I ended up with the little liver flavoured pills that the dogs are supposed to enjoy. I hope they do. I am a little worried that it isn't actually the pee killing the grass but something else. I went out and had a good look at it this afternoon, and the dead spots are pretty moist (sorry Heidi if you read this) and a little mushy and slimy looking. So I am wondering if maybe the water isn't draining properly and maybe drowning out patches of the grass... who knows. I don not have a green thumb.
Some talk has come about with Angela's parents that they would like to purchase a house here in our city, and have us all live in it together. A couple of things about this are.. Ange isn't officially "out" to her parents, although I think they pretty well know, her dad asked her if we sleep in the same room or different rooms. Another thing is that they don't find that it is necessary for an in law suite. I think I would be a lot more comfortable in an in law suite situation. Its not that I don't like her parents. I love them like family. But the thing is, we are trying to have a baby etc. and well.. I think I will want my privacy. Angela thinks that they will only really be around for 2 months out of the year because they are hoping to retire to Portugal. But my point is that they won't be going anytime soon, due to the illness and the knee surgery etc. It makes sense to me that they would live in an in law suite at our house because we can be responsible for the yard etc, and it would save us a lot of money. But we need to know what the plan is. I mean, we are renting right now with hopes to be in our own house soon. But I don't want to go out and purchase a house that is not conducive to the In law situation, and then have to go and buy another house and move again.. etc .. but i also don't want to rent too much longer. Ange was suppose to talk to her parents more about it today, but I don't think she has. I just don't like not having a plan. I won't be too worried about it until next Jan because that is when our lease where we are is up and we'll have to sign for another year. We'll see.

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