Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm getting to be rather boring.

I just thought I would post a small little post just to say Hi. I don't think I have anything important to post about today, or anything all that interesting, but, again, you never know what will come of a bit of nothing.
Yesterday was my 32 birthday. Angela and I asked everyone we know for Future*Shop gift certificates so that we could get a new camera. Our old one is ok, but we wanted one with a little bit of a better quality for when baby comes. We aren't big photographers, but it will be nice to have a nicer camera. We ended up going tonight to get one. We didn't quite cover the whole expense on gift cards, so we put the rest on our Future*Shop credit card. It's 3 months no interest, and we'll have no problem paying that amount off in the next 3 months. So the one we got is this one. I think it will do the job. I hope. We got it now so that we can figure out what we're doing when we use it. Also we have a couple weddings and small vacations coming up this month, so it will be nice to have it for those as well.
Hopefully this means that you will be seeing a lot more pictures on this blog. :)
Well.. that's about it for me right now. I can't wait to try out the new camera! yay!!


Teaberry said...

happy birthday! A new camera is always fun-- I'm looking forward to some pictures!

Jen said...

That sounds like a fab gift! Have fun with your new toy.