Monday, April 13, 2009

long time no post

Don't worry. I'm still here. I don't really have a good excuse for not posting, except that I haven't been spending much time on the computer. I have been so super tired. I am off today for Easter, so, I am doing laundry and I will use this time to catch up on blogs. My house also needs a good cleaning. Oh man I've been so tired and lazy.
I went to the doctor on Thursday. He is saying my due date will most likely be November 28. He has put in a referral to the Midwives, but isn't sure they will be able to take me on, as I take some medication (all very safe). He said that he isn't sure that they can take people who are on medication because they have very strict guidelines.
My brother and sister in law gave me some fun baby stuff on Saturday. Just some clothes and shoes and a few bottles. The clothes are for little boys, but I would definitely dress a girl in most of them. Just maybe not for a special occasion.
Angela wants to find out if it is a boy or a girl. So does our donor. ;) I don't think I want to find out. I sort of want it to be a surprise. I have one friend who insists on knowing what it is, so that she can plan. But, if in the end, I don't want to find out, no one else is finding out either.. lol. It is actually a hard thing to decide. I mean, i would let Angela find out because she has as much right to know as I do, but I am worried that she would begin to call it by it's gender specific pronoun. Secretly, I am hoping that it's very uncooperative and won't let us find out. That's right baby, keep those legs folded up in front. Don't give us the choice.
I am now just past 7 weeks. It feels like time is passing slowly. The baby is the size of a bean. A small bean. I wonder if there could be twins in there? Oh boy. That would be a shocker.
I have to wait for a call to find out where to go for my follow up and all that, so I don't even know when I would be getting an ultrasound. It doesn't matter too much to me, I trust that the professionals know what they are doing. I just think it makes it more real to see that little thing is actually in there with a heart beating.
I have blood work scheduled for tomorrow morning. Just standard things I suppose.


Angele said...

In most cases people go for an ultrasound around 12 weeks if you opt for the screening test (checking for Downs and other things) otherwise there's the 18-20 week scan (level II ultrasound) that everyone does.

I think midwives can take people on meds. They just can't take high risk pregnancies.

I like finding out the sex to plan. :) I hope you find out so I'm not in suspense until November. ;)

We should get together at some point!!!

Angele said...

oops i posted under my wife's account...this is stacey.

Teaberry said...

I think I would want to know--- I wouldn't be able to stand not knowing!!