Friday, April 3, 2009


As for morning sickness, I don't get it. Well I don't have it in the traditional sense of it being "morning" sickness. I do however get Bedtime sickness. Every night when I get to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I start to gag a little bit. Not sure what brings it on. And then, when I get into bed, I have full nausea. I haven't actually thrown up until last night. And it didn't wait until I was in the bathroom either. Angela and I had gone to our friends' place for the evening, to socialize, and on the way home... (I was driving) Yep, out of no where, B-A-R-R-R-R-F. I had to quickly stop the car on the side street, and open my door to let it out. I managed to make it all the way home before it happened again. I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any viable nutrients though, as I had just eaten Mc*Donald's cinnamon buns.
Other issues I seem to be having are:
1) sudden hungries- All of a sudden out of no-where I'll be starving, and so hungry, I feel sick and shaky
2)Big sore boobs - That get in the way a lot!
3)Weird Dreams all night -every night
4)Trouble sleeping through the night
That's all I can think of for now, all in all, not bad at all.

I am sure the dogs know that there is a baby in there. The other day, Bennie, the smallest dog, (shi-tzu x poodle x terrier of some kind) was sitting on my lap. We had a few people over for a small birthday party for Angela. Well some of them the dog didn't know, and he kept growling at them when they would come close to me. He only did it with me though. He's never been like that. He also spends a lot of time sitting on my lap with his head placed right on my uterus.
Cookie, the bigger girl dog, (pug x beagle x Boston terrier) competes with Bennie to get the closer seat to me when we are sitting on the couch. Both dogs, will leave Angela's side to come and sit with me if it becomes an option.
Well anyway, Last night was a rough one. I think maybe Cookie had decided to show us just a taste of what we're in for. She started whining at 4:30 this morning, so I had to go down and check on her. She went out-side, and wasn't pleased that it was raining, so she stood at the door waiting to come back in. After several prompts from me, She finally went and made number 2. So, I figured that was what the whining was about. Well, at 5:50, she started whining again. Now, this is 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, so I just got up and I tried letting her out again, and again, she just stood at the door, so I let her back in, and tried giving her some food, figuring she was hungry, but she didn't eat. I finally figured out that she wanted a walk. But that will have to wait until after work, as I didn't have time to take her on a walk this morning before work. She better not think either that we're going to start getting up at 4:30am to walk her. LOL.
I figured it won't be as bad with a baby, because at least I won't have to come to work and be pleasant after the all night wakings.

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