Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have me some quality Neighbours

Ya... ummm.. that was fun. Last night I was startled out of bed by the sound of my neighbours fighting. SWEET. 3:00am. I love listening to that kind of stuff... ya, right!... Thanks neighbours. So it seems in the unit one over from us, a fellow was drunk. How do we know? well that's because the woman kept yelling it at him... "You're drunk, get out of here".. then the man would respond... "ya, I'm F*@%en drunk, I don't F*@%en care what you F@*%en say, I'm F*@%en not going F#@*en anywhere, you F&%#en bitch etc etc. Yes, it seems that when you are a drunk at 3:00am, your vocabulary is very limited.
I would have been more angry about being woken up at that time when I had to get up for work at 6, but I had to pee anyway. ;)

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