Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I have got myself all worried. Today, I started the day with some brownish discharge. Now, it is pinkish in colour. It is far from being "blood" but it is more like cervical mucus with a pink tinge. So of course, I am assuming the worst. I will call the midwives tomorrow morning. It is also worrying me that I haven't really felt "sick" like I use to. My bbs are still sore though.
The book I bought (your pregnancy week by week) says that having some spotting during pregnancy is not uncommon, but that you should contact your health care professional as soon as possible.
Well, ASAP will be tomorrow. I have to call to confirm that I would like the midwives to care for me first off, but I will do that tomorrow and then just ask about this spotting.
Fingers crossed. I'll keep the blog updated as things progress.


Heidi said...

Love and hugs!! I'm sure it is perfectly fine!!

Teaberry said...

I have heard that is normal and that a lot of people get that! I'm sure it's okay!