Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting a Little Frustrated.

Okay, I am pretty sure that things are a little wonky in the world of Karen.
I have been having some really sore nipples. But sore in a different way than the usual PMS.
They (well mostly the left) feel like someone has been grating them with a cheese grater. I also had some bleeding during the ovulation time, and now some very light brown spotting. I am almost positive that my hormones have gone crazy. I looked a few things up on the Internet. (My worst habit) and it seems that High estrogen levels can be the cause of sore nipples. I guess I should probably make an appointment with my doctor to talk about these symptoms, but I always feel like he is going to think that I am a hypochondriac, or that I am annoying him with all this. Sometimes I worry that it is early menopause. That would be my worst fear. I mean other hormonal issues can usually be treated, but menopause would mean I have missed my chances for motherhood.
I am only turning 32 in May, but stranger things have happened.

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Stacey said...

Those are also early pregnancy signs so maybe they are good things. Sore nipples can also be caused by higher levels of progesterone, something you *should* be experiencing in the TWW as your levels climb. They stay higher if you're pregnant. And spotting could be implantation bleeding or just break-through ovulation spotting. If you're concerned and this try doesn't work, see if you can do some blood tests during your cycle to monitor your levels.