Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bawling my Eyes out..

So, on the way home today from work, I came upon an intersection that was blocked by police cars, and I could see up the road more police cars, with lights flashing. My first though was "Accident". But no, it wasn't. What it was, was a funeral procession. Not just any funeral procession, it was the funeral procession of a fallen Canadian Soldier. He is a Hero. The streets were lined with people waving their Canadian flags, and showing their respect for a man from our own community who died serving his country. I bawled as I drove slowly a few cars behind the last police car.

My nipples are still sore. Just the nipples and sort of the edge of my boobs near the arm pit. I can't really tell if they are as sore, or not as sore as they were on Wednesday. They are also more erect (mostly at night) than usual, it's like I am cold all the time, but I'm not really cold. I have to say I am getting quite use to it, although I had a weird sleep last night. I don't know what was weird about it really. It was one of those sleeps where you know it wasn't great, but you can't pinpoint what went wrong. I could have been dreaming all night. Kept waking up to check the time, but it was like the time checks were integrated into the dreams, and I know for a fact that I woke up at one point because i was sleeping face down, and all I could feel was sore nipples. Damn Hormones!
I think I may take Stacey's advice and set up an appointment with my doctor after my AF shows, to try to monitor my hormone levels for a cycle.

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