Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 or 15 DPO?

I really don't know if I am 13 or 15 DPO today. I'll tell you why. I normally have 33 day cycles, with exactly 14 days after ovulation. Even the time I had a 28 day cycle, there were 14 days after ovulation. Usually my OPK predicts ovulation on day 19 of my cycle. This month it was predicted on day 21 of my cycle. This is why I wonder if I am on a 35 day cycle this month.
I guess this all doesn't matter very much because yesterday evening, and again today, I got my BFP!

It is still very early for a BFP, but I called the Dr. today, and they don't want me in until April 9th. Lets hope it works out! :)
I got brave and added a ticker. I might have to change it after I see the doctor or what not, but for now.. it says I am 4 weeks.

Good Luck to all the other TTCers out there... It is possible!

PS. I was going to wait to tell my mom, but I don't think I will because my Doctor's apointment is 3 weeks away.


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Let's hope for two! ;-)

Angele said...

YAY congratulations! I'd go with your ovulation day and figure out your dpo from then. Your cycle can be different from time to time. :)