Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sort of round-about ...

So, I talked to my mom in a sort of round about way about the baby things. I just said.. "Mom, if you give all your stuff to "uncle and aunt" what are you going to do when I have a baby? She just said, "I'll get it back". So, I guess that's how it'll be.

Tomorrow is CD 16. According to my fertility calendar on Your Days I will be fertile starting tomorrow and ending next Friday. This is the plan... "Donor" will be coming over Tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to make the donations. Hopefully we are covered. I am wondering if we should just have him come over all 6 days to donate. It is hard to say. The instructions we follow from a pamphlet we found on a "LGBT Parenting" site says that the donor should abstain masturbation or sexual activity for one to two days before donation to increase his sperm count. So.. should he abstain from making donations for a day between donations?
I think we will just go with the every other day plan, and not worry too much about it.
I think all in all this cycle, I am going to try to take the nonchalant approach to it, as if I were to be throwing caution to the wind so to speak. If that makes sense at all?
I feel I have had a pretty boring post lately with no fun pictures.. I will try to post some pictures soon.


Stacey said...

I think it's better to do every other day too. Remember, fresh sperm can live up to 3 days so you should be covered. If he gives his donation before you ovulate, you have a higher chance of a girl (lives longer) but if you inseminate right before or after you ovulate, you have a higher chance of a boy (faster). :P

Good luck!

Karen said...

ahh... thanks for the tips. ;)
I have heard that it can actually live up to 5 days, but it's unlikely.

Teaberry said...

I would love to see your new place!

I really need to email you... I think I will now!