Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh no.. what should I do... ????

Hey all...
I just got a call from my mom, and it has left me a bit worried. You see, Angela and I had this plan to NOT tell my mom or family that we are in the process of TTC because we wanted it to be a huge surprise when we finally get to make the "We're Expecting" announcement. OK, so my mom and family was so totally cool when I came out to them, and they're so loving and accepting of Angela, but I would have to say that my mom's one flaw (if you can call it that) is that she doesn't think that I will ever have Children. I mean, she knows that we are not financially in a place where we would be spending money on any fertility clinics or sperm banks, and I have told her previously "there's more than one way to skin a cat", and that I would use my good friend "so-and-so" as the donor. But she totally thought conventionally and thought I was joking (as she was probably thinking I would have to have intercourse with him) telling me "that's too much information" lol.
Well to this day she talks about my youngest nephew as being her last grandchild. So, I seriously don't think she even has a clue that one day... I will have a child. It's not that she's trying to be ignorant or anything, I just think she isn't expecting me to be in the want to do this now phase of things.
Ok.. so back to the reason for this post.
She called me tonight and told me that my cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby this year. Which is very exciting news, I am thrilled for them, as they will make fantastic parents. But, the thing is, my mom is talking about giving my aunt and uncle all her "baby" stuff. Like the playpen, and the booster seat and all that, because my nephew will have out grown it all by the time they have their child. Well now I am worried, that she will give it all away, and not have anything for my child when it gets here. I know I am not even pregnant yet, and that it could take a while, but still... I don't really want to tell her that we're trying, mostly because of how unexpected a surprise it will totally be when it does happen. Also, I am afraid that my brother and his wife will give them all the good hand-me-downs...
Selfish? I don't know what to do? Advice please!!!!


Teaberry said...

Hey K,

Yes, I did get your email--just been a bit busy and haven't sat down to write a proper email yet! But, I've gotta respond here!

I'd say tell her--you'll still have the great "we're expecting" announcement one day, but let her know that this supposed last grandchild won't be her last, so she better save that crib for when you and Angela drop off your bundle!

I would tell her--she might probably regret giving that stuff away in hindsight...

Keep us posted!

Stacey said...

I'd tell her too. I think the news of the baby and then the pregnancy surprises (ultrasounds) and the birth are really surprise enough and she will be thrilled. It will save you and her from regretting not getting/giving the hand-me-downs.