Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK, It is only 8 days until I leave to go to the cottage. I have to work for only 4 of those days... Tomorrow, and the first three next week.
I can not wait! Gawd! I hope the weather is good. Normally I would be freaking out by now, because I usually have to have a million lists of everything so that I feel organized, but this year... NADDA! I am just going with it this year. I will pack what I think I need, and if I miss something, I'll make do. :) And I will wing it at the grocery store too... Usually I have a very detailed list of everything I am going to cook, and eat while on the cottage vacation, but I think that just runs the bill up, because I end up getting everything on the list, and then... everything else that looks good. This year.. I am going to just get what looks good, and hope it is enough for at least the week. :) Despite this week being the longest week ever, I am in a wonderful mood. This is also strange because I was all Days this week. You know how I Love/Hate days.

I haven't yet decided what I will be drinking at the cottage, well you know.. drinking drinking lol... I am thinking Beer, casue you have to have Beer, maybe a good old "red eye" and then, not sure.. maybe some slushy Vodka drinks. I make good ones! And maybe then some Baylies just in case it is cold or wet some days/nights, I can make some Coffee/Hot Chocolate drinks :) Anyone have any suggestions?

This could possibly be my last week for drink drinks for the next while if everything works out.

Might be cutting it close though, so I highly doubt that this cycle will work. We have been having some issues with the donor agreement. Anyone out there been through it all with a known donor? It is our hope that we can have the child recognise the Donor as the father, but not in any legal way. He is good with that BTW. We have a good friend who knows the law, but has been busy, helping us out and then we just go to the lawyer to get everything signed. Lets hope it works.
I got my O sticks in the mail yesterday... I hope they work.. (really I hope I work lol)

HAPPY (belated by a day) BIRTHDAY to Elizabeth!!! Yay...


Teaberry said...

I have a couple favorite drinks:

malibu rum and pineapple juice
D'Sarrono Amaretto in Orange/Pineapple Juice-- this is called a Wedding Cake and is popular in New Orleans. It's SO good!!

Karen said...

Thanks for the tips, I will give them a try. I have tried the malibu in pineapple but we add bols blue to it and call it "Blue Hawaii" Not sure why really because it ends up more green than blue lol.
but the Wedding Cake I've never had, sounds really good