Friday, July 25, 2008

She's Gone

Well here it is, Friday Night...
Angela left yesterday morning. Not forever. Just until Sunday. She has to go to a wedding in New Jersey with her family. We decided that I would stay home to save more money for our real vacation. Luckily, I get to baby-sit her families dogs. They are my Bennie's Mom and Grandfather/Uncle (ya, it works that way in the dog world). They are really nice dogs, but I am having a hard time walking them all. I tried to take them all at once yesterday, but that wasn't great. All the leads got all tangled up and wrapped around my legs etc. So tonight I will take them in shifts. That is hard to do because they all get jealous of eachother, and bark their heads off when they are the ones that have to wait in the house. Oh well it is only 2 more days.

So, at first having the whole bed to myself for 3 nights was something I was kind of looking forward to. Then, last night, I crawled into bed at around 10:00, and it was so lonely and weird. Not having her there with me. I miss her. Not to mention I had this terrible dream that she had an alternate facebo.ok account that I didn't know about, and she was on their flirting with all kinds of other people. I am kind of insecure that way. I always have the anxiety that she will leave me for someone else, etc. It's not a flattering trait, I know, and I do Trust her... I guess I have just been hurt too many times in the past.

3 weeks until the cottage! (mixed feelings - yay.. vacation... boo.. almost fall bye bye summer) The count down is on.

If all goes as planned, we might try our first home insem the first week of September. Nervous. We have to wait for the papers to be signed with our KD. We are currently working on finalizing all the details and then we just have to get our Independent Legal Advise, to make sure we all understand what we are signing.
I am wondering if my EAP from work can do the ILA for us. It does say that through the EAP we can have a 1 hour legal consultation. Good way to save some money.
If you haven't noticed. I am all about saving the money these days. I *was* a big time spender.. if I wanted it, I got it. No regard for money what-so-ever. But now I *am* a money saver.. My ideals about money have completely changed almost over night. I mean, I am still very generous (some say to a fault) when I can be and probably always will be because money doesn't mean more to me than people's happiness, so if I can sacrifice for someone else's well being or joy, i will, but I definately have cut down on my spending a lot.
Just today I spent $50 at Wal-Mart buying things that I NEED like shampoo, soap, shaving cream, underwear, toothpaste and deoderant, but I felt guilty for doing it. I definately have more respect for my money these days.

I guess I am off now.. I don't know.. I might write more later if I am bored. It sure will be a boring weekend for me.
Hope you all have a good one!

Ha ha , Just for fun, here is a picture of Ang and I being our Friends Darla and Rae for Halloween. You would have to know the story to completely get it, but it is funny none the less.


R said...

I can so appreciate this whole blog today. Wow.!

Elizabeth said...

"If all goes as planned, we might try our first home insem the first week of September. Nervous. We have to wait for the papers to be signed with our KD."
KD...what?? do you get kraft dinner with each home insem??

cool, i wish you and ang luck with the home insem..and KD !!

Karen said...

LOL... Kraft.Dinner...

Teaberry said...

I like the idea of dressing up as your friend for Halloween-- I did this once, too!

We are going to the doctor on Wednesday, to start the process of learning what we will need to do to begin the babyprocess! Maybe we'll be on the same track!

Oh, and do you Canadians really call Macaroni and Cheese "Kraft Dinner", like the Barenaked Ladies do in If I had a Million Dollars? ;-) Hmmm.... speaking of of, that sounds really delicious right about now!

Karen said...

Yep... Macaroni and Cheese is something that your mom makes from scratch... and you need a recipe. Kraft Dinner... from a box.