Sunday, August 10, 2008

Only 5 Days now...

Yay.. only 5 more days until vacation time!! Sweet.
I know that all this excitement will soon turn into dissapointment becasue I will be here sitting at this computer, typing all about the vacation, and it will be over. That is how I always am. I make this big thing about going away, and then, get all bummed out when I get home.

I cleaned the apartment today. I want to try to keep it all clean before we go away so that when we come back, It will be a nice clean place to come back to.

I don't even know what we are doing with the cat. We could send it to my mom's house for the week, she said she would take him. Or I want to try to get my friend Kristin to watch him. I know she won't want to stay here because she has been house sitting all summer and is looking forward to being back at her own house. But maybe she will just come and spend some time here with poor lonely Murray.

I have been looking over the KD agreement, over and over and over. . . I think I am going cross eyed. LOL... My next move is to write down any questions we have legally and send them off to our friend, who works for a family lawyer, so that she can tell us what legally has to be included in this thing. I wish I knew more people who have been down the KD road, and could share some insight with me. I am a generous, naive person, who can easily get taken advantage of, but this is one situation I don't want that to happen.

Ok, I have to get going.. finish making dinner..

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