Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Angela and I just got back from the beach. Long Beach on Lake Erie. It is actually not a bad beach to go to. We went with our friends Darla and Rae and their kids.
The waves were amazingly fun. I had forgoten how much fun it was to swim in the lake. I wish we had some boogie boards so that we could have body surfed.

I bought this new bathing suit on line, at http://www.ohanaswimwear.com/ it is a swim suit for those of us who are modest. I hate flashing my bod around and just because I want to swim I have to? NO Thanks... SO I love this type of suit, so I don't feel so exposed. It is bad enough it is skin tight... lol. Anyway, my new suit (the gladiator suit) is a two piece. I got it because I usually swim in swimming pools and calmish water, and two piece make it so much easier to go to the bathroom if you have to. Well, not so good in the waves! Let me tell ya. My shorts were falling down and my shirt was riding up. I am sure everyone around got a view they weren't expecting, or wanting.. lol.
Oh well.. I am over it now. It was an amazingly fun fun day all around!
I wish I had my own kids to enjoy this stuff with!... some day.

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