Friday, July 11, 2008

cheers to weekends off

I guess I was sort of protesting my own blog for a while there. I mean, no post in over a week. Whats the sense, no one reads, but I guess it is fun for me because I can go back and check everything out like a journal.
I am sooo looking forward to this weekend off of work. My bestest friend in the world is coming to visit. She lives in Ottawa and she and her husband just bought their first house. I should tell her to read my blog to keep up with the news. I have free long distance calling, but we are always so busy it is hard to connect. I am really looking forward to going for brunch with her tomorrow. I have had a stressful week at work and I miss her.
I may go later to my mom's house to go for a swim with my nephews, but who knows if I will make it. I worked the afternoon shift last night and the days today (by choice though, a co-worker and good friend needed a switch)so I am going on lack of sleep and might fall asleep waiting for them to get home from work/daycare. My mom is watching them tonight while my brother and sister-in-law get all their gear organized for a week of camping. Lucky buggers... I am jealous. But my turn will come in August.
Angela and I are currently saving all money we possibly can for our vacation. We don't want to have anything be off limits... if it is there and looks fun, we wanna do it.. I guess if we don't use up all the saved up money while away, we can be responsible and put it onto our debts when we get back.
Some might think that we shouldn't go on a vacation at all, and just put all the money on our debts.. but I have heard, that you must do some things for yourselves or you will go insane. And my job has been particularly stressful this last while, so I am in great need of a vacation or I just may lose it. LOL..
It will be nice, because although dogs are allowed to come to this cottage, we aren't bringing them. Grandma and Grandpa portuguese are going to babysit them for the week. It is like a vacation all in itself for them to go to their place. Grandma and Grandpa love love love the dogs.. and spoil them rotten. I will completely miss the dogs.. I have never been away from them for a week before, but it will also be nice to just do what I want when I want and not have to worry about picking up poop, or feeding them or whatever.
It truely will be a relaxing week for us
Here are a couple of pictures from our last vacation two years ago. Don't you love my aqua socks? or how about my "scuba" bathingsuit. Everyone always makes fun of my bathingsuits..

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Teaberry said...

Add me to your readership!

I used to wear these one piece bathing suits and soccer shorts... we're going on vacation tomorrow, and I surprised myself by buying a 2 piece bathing suit! And, I don't think I look like refried crap in it, either! Amazing! Stay tuned to my blog for details! :-)