Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 Day Weekend

Oh lordy... what is wrong with me..??? In Canada, Tuesday is our Canada Day Holiday, so I booked Monday off, being as it is my regular weekend off this weeknd, I thought I might use 1 day of vacation to score a 4 day weekend. Well at the last minute today, I decided to use a second vacation day and have tomorrow off as well. I will probably regret it tomorrow, but I am happy to have a nice long weekend off, as my next vacation will not be until we and our friends go up North to a rental cottage for a whole week!! I took some time off before and after the planned vacation to just kind of relax, and not have to jump right back into work. (see the cottage we are renting here)
I am soooo looking forward to it, but I am also the kind of person who looks forward for so long, that I sometimes get dissapointed when it is over.
Here is a picture I found on my computer. So cute. It is my grandma and my dog when she was a puppy. That was probably about two years ago.
I love going through old photo's on the HD. It is fun to remember old times. Well most of the time. I can't even believe how small Cookie is in this picture. I think that harness she is wearing now goes on the cat. lol.
Here is the cat. Murray... he's a nice kitty.
Anyway. Angela just called and is on her way home from work. I must put the finishing touches on the dinner. She worked some overtime today so that we could have more fun on our vacation this year. YES!

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Teaberry said...

Oh my gosh, that cabin looks wonderful! I wish I was going with you guys! I have been occupying a bunch of my time looking at rental places like that for later in the summer.... Take tons of photos!