Sunday, July 8, 2012


Angela's company picnic was at the Toronto zoo today. We went with her sister and brother-in-law and their 4 kids, and took my nephews with is too. It was a really fun day, but exhausting.

Maizey was pretty camera shy, but my handsome nephews were more than happy to pose.

My mom starts her chemo tomorrow, and is a little nervous. My brother, sister-in-law and I are going to meet her at the class all about chemo at the hospital tomorrow so that she can be a little more confident with all the information.

Angela's dad is also in the hospital at this time. He had gangrene and had to have emergency surgery to remove a lot of tissue and skin from his back side. Aperantly a very common spot for gangrene to develop in men. The worst thing was that we were away at our friends cottage when all this happened. The cottage is in a spot where there is no cellular service and so we only found out on our way home from our trip. I guess next time we go up there we'll make sure to give family the cottage phone number.

Another few weeks and we'll be heading to Killbear provincial park for some camping. We're unsure what we will be doing with our dogs, as Angela's dad usually keeps them for us while we are away and he might not be capable of it if he's even home by then. My brother graciously offered for us to use his tent trailer. We are thrilled! The thing is too, that he and his family'll be going camping the day before we return, but he said they will just tent! What a fantastic brother!

Still no news on the house front. We've seen lots of places we like, but are still waiting for ange's dad to sell before we really look.

I've been fantasizing about pools and decks and gazebos with lights etc. I want an out door oasis! I picture it more at night for some reason. Weird, I know!

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