Saturday, June 2, 2012

More answers

A decision has been made. Mom will have surgery on Tuesday to repair her fistula. There is no guarantee that it will work, but they are going to try anyway. All her doctors agree that she can't live with that for the next 4 months. They will start her chemo 8 weeks after the surgery. That will keep her in the window of time that chemo needs to be started in.
My aunt is out of the ICU now, but seems to be suffering from PTSD and is not herself at all.
My dad bought a house in Northern Ontario on a lake and will be getting a float plane. Very exciting news. Angela and I are thinking we may have our wedding there if its possible.
Baby on the brain. Yes! It's time for a baby. My body is nagging at me to have another. Angela and I have decided that we will not TTC # 2 until we have moved out of where we live right now. We just don't want to raise children in our current neighbourhood. We are also considering changing doners. We are thinking about using Maizey's papa. He is married to our doner for maizey. He is very interested, but there is a lot to consider. He is different than maizey's dad in the way that he is more attached. We see this even with Maizey. He would need to sign the same agreement we have with doner #1 and he's articulated that he's not sure he could. We will hopefully be sitting down together soon to discuss all of the details.
3 weeks today I will be heading out to the cottage! Very exciting ! We went the same week two years ago and the weather sucked, so I am hoping this year is nicer. I wouldn't have even worried about this last week, but it has been on my mind because it has rained the past two days.

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