Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It was a Mixed up year! A Mix of good and bad. Definitely looking forward to a better 2012.
We went to our good friends' house to celebrate the New Year last evening. It was really a great time. We had some appetizers, good wine, good friends, good kids, and some nice chats. Mix in Angela playing the wii, Some dance game, and it is a perfect evening.
We came home at 1:30am and went to bed. Maizey fell asleep in the car, and didn't even wake up for her diaper change when we got home. Surprisingly enough to us, she slept all night right until 1:40pm this afternoon. Wow! Perfect New Year's gift to us, as we also slept until she woke up. She really is a great baby when it comes to sleeping. At night she actually prefers a short cuddle and rock in the rocking chair, and then she likes to be put into her crib while still awake, and she hums herself to sleep.
Honestly, I want another child. I don't want to wait, but economically it is best if we wait another year to try for the next one. I feel like Maizey is meant to have at least one sibling. She loves the company of other kids. She actually waves at all the other kids when we are out shopping or just out for a walk.
We had new neighbours move in to the unit right next to ours. They are looking a little sketchy, but I'll have to wait until I have a chance to speak with them, to decide. We are still hoping to move out of this neighbourhood sooner rather than later, but must wait for Angela's dad to make his decisions. It would definitely help us out financially to live in that situation. Not to mention that the dogs would have a bigger yard, and maizey would have a bigger yard. There is actually a house for sale right around the corner from my work, and Maizey's day care that looks like it would suite perfectly, and it has a pool. But again, we aren't really going to look, until some decisions are made.
Maizey still isn't walking, but is getting better at cruising and pulling up on things. She now bum scoots and crawls in the traditional way.
Ok.. I'll have to add more later, because we have to head out to my mom's house. She is cooking a big New Year's dinner for us.
Happy New Year!

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