Monday, November 21, 2011

Birthday time!

Can't even believe that Maizey's first birthday is on Thursday! My god! I am sad but at the same time so very excited and happy. My baby is growing, and doing new things every day. I will miss her babyhood. I also look forward to watching her grow, change and discover.
She started daycare last week. She loves it! She loves to be around other children, so I thought she'd like daycare. The best part about taking her to daycare? The smile, hug and kiss I get from her when I pick her up to go home! She has become quite a mummy suck!
We found a house we love! It got quite exciting for a couple days, as Ang's dad was ready to make an offer, and immediate possession was possible. A few things changed and we will have to wait to make an offer. We will probably miss out on this one.
We've decided to stop looking until her dad's house has sold. Then we will have no complications when it comes to making offers.
Christmas is coming! I have figured out what changed for me and why Christmas doesn't feel as magical as it once did. My parents use to do the stressful stuff and we just enjoyed it, now it's harder to enjoy because we have to do the stressful stuff! I have found new magic though - making Christmas magical for maizey will make it so special to me.
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I'll post pictures here once I get them off my camera.

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Stacey said...

Wow, so hard to believe she's already turning 1!!! Crazy.

Glad she enjoys daycare. I think kids do enjoy the activities and playing with other kids.

FX for the house stuff working out.

Shannon said...

Can't believe she's one! Seems like she was just born! Happy birthday!