Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teeth Finally

What a week it's been. Wow. I can officially say I have the best child ever! No, I REALLY mean it.
July 30, she got her first tooth! Bottom front right. August 2, she got her second tooth, bottom front left... August 5 she got her third tooth, next to front left on the bottom, August 8 - diagnosed with an ear infection - right ear! All of this, and we only had two nights with her waking and crying (infrequently). One night she was up for an hour, finally after tempra, she settled and went back to sleep!
We clued in to the ear infection when she started rubbing her right ear with her arm. She didn't really get many other symptoms.
We took her to the doctor today and he had a look. She was fine when he looked in her left ear, but just bawled when he looked in her right one. She did that crying where they can't catch their breath, OMG - she never cries like that. It broke my heart.
She'll be on her antibiotic for a week.
I have a feeling we'll be welcoming a fourth tooth any day now. Her teething symptoms have flaired again today!
I so so so love this little girl too much to even express.
I feel like I should break into a "Mary-Kathryn Galliger" type monolouge from so and so a movie ... But it's just not coming to me.

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