Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moved her

Well, the doctor reccomended that we keep Maizey in our room until she is 6 months old. We decided to move her back to her own room now. She's 5 months. Angela snores. Loud. It doesn't bother me at all, except when I lay awake worrying that it's going to wake Maizey. So, I continually nudge Angela all night to minimize her snoring, so she doesn't sleep well. Also, when Maizey moves at all in the slightest, I hear it, and again, lay awake listening for any indication she's waking. It's a nasty cycle. Not to mention angela's alarm in the morning for work waking all of us. So, in an effort to get better sleep, we have moved her early.
She's been constipated again, so I am likely going to put her back on the Good Start again, provided she will take it now that she's so in love with the Kirkland.
We will be starting her on proteins in the next couple weeks as reccomended by our doctor. Then we'll do vegetables and then fruits. I'm hoping she likes them better than the cereal. She eats the cereal alright, but sometimes it takes her longer or she gets fussy. We don't press her to eat if she's not in the mood because we don't want her to associate eating with unpleasantness at this point.
Angela's sister is having her 4th child tomorrow (3rd biologically) It will be a c section as her first was a section. Her second was a VBAC and it was very difficult and traumatic. They aren't going to take a chance with this one. I'm very excited! We will be going to meet the new little one around 3pm.
Next week, I will have my nephew all week, his daycare provider will be on vacation. Should tire me out really well! I better start thinking of things I can do with him and maizey. I know one day we'll hit the indoor play gym. Other than that, I'm not sure. Maybe swimming one day (if Angela is off one day). Maybe indoor golf, I can put Maizey in the baby bjjorn. We'll see.
So, finally, I can see slight resemblance. Here are Maizey and I making a similar face.

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Stacey said...

Wow, does she ever look like you!!!

That's great that you're moving her and hopefully you can all get some more rest. :)

Indoor playgyms are great. I used a wrap when I'd go out with both kids--made my life easier so my hands were free to deal with the older child.

Your doctor wants her on protein? I'm surprised since they usually say cereal -> veggies -> fruit -> protein. And it's harder on their system. Just watch her bowels... Also, many babies don't like that meat crap they serve in jars. :P

Teaberry said...

Totally cute picture!!