Sunday, February 27, 2011

good baby?

I really have no place to reference from on whether or not I am a lucky mom or not. I think I have a good baby. For example, most of the time she is quiet, and just babbles, or goos and gaaas.. but rarely cries. She cries when she is hungry, or tired, or uncomfortable. But that is pretty well the only reason. She has been a little cranky for the past few days, but I think it is her 3 month growth spurt. She seems to be hungry and sleepy a lot!
I took her to the Doctor on Thursday. IT was to check her weight gain since the last appointment. She gained less than a pound. she weighs 10 lbs 13 oz. The doctor suggested that we try different formula's for her to see if maybe she likes one better than the one we currently use. He also says we will start her on cereal next month when she is 4 months. She is still eating 3oz every 3 hours. Although I think she is starting to get hungry sooner, like at 2.5 hrs. We can try to give her 4oz but she doesn't finish it. I think she probably has a really small tummy.
So, is she a good baby?
Night time routine... Because our doctor recommended that we have her in our bedroom, we don't put her to bed until we are ready to go to bed. We find that we wake her if we put her in bed earlier. So.. at bedtime, we take her up and change her diaper, and then we read her a book, and give her a bottle, and rock her. Some times she falls asleep in our arms, sometimes we put her down when she is still a little awake when we put her the crib. She usually goes to sleep and will sleep anywhere from 3hrs to 6hrs before she wakes up for a feeding. Then we get her up, change her and give her a bottle, and she falls back to sleep while eating, and we put her back in the crib and she again sleeps another 3 to 4 hours, and we repeat with the diaper and the bottle, and she sleeps again. Usually we will end up getting up for the day at around 9 or 10am. Maybe I shouldn't talk about it... Maybe my luck will change. Maybe I just think she is a good baby but maybe this is not a good baby.. Like I said.. i have no comparison.
ok.. we got a new camera because we were tired of only having cell phone quality pictures, and our other camera is just too big to carry around everywhere. So here are a couple of the pictures... just randoms, trying the camera out.


Stacey said...

If you're happy and she's happy then who cares if she's "good" or not? ;) Sounds like she is a happy baby and doing well. I think it doesn't matter how well she sleeps as long as it's working for everyone involved. Every baby is different. You may want bedtime to be earlier eventually so you get some kid-free time as a couple.

Formulas are all different and maybe it is a matter of taste. I hear Good Start (the one we used) is not as sweet as others. So perhaps she would eat more of one brand than another?

Teaberry said...

Of course she's a good baby!!! She's adorable and looks so healthy and happy!