Tuesday, August 3, 2010

long overdue

i guess i have just been in a slump lately. I've been neglecting so many things. Blogging happens to be one of them. Well today is the last of 5 days off for me. I think I have finally got things going again. I did clean the basement, main floor and then the upstairs. Could it be "nesting" already at only 23 weeks? What ever it is, i am sure Angela appreciates it. Although she is constantly telling me to take it easy. She has been working 60+ hour weeks that last while and I don't expect her to do any house work... the thing is... I have been lazy and not doing it either. I think before yesterday the last time we really cleaned the house was at least a month ago. I mean sure, there has been minimal tidying but no actual cleaning. This week changed. Not only did I clean, but i CLEANED OUT. I actually parted with some precious items that have been in the basement for years in boxes not being used. It is kind of funny the crap we keep but will never need, use, search for, or want. I feel good. Fresh. I am finishing up the last few loads of laundry and then, I will be done. I am actually even cooking a real dinner tonight. Not really a "summer time" meal, but it is one of Angela's favourites. Roast beef, with mashed potato and broccoli. She deserves a nice home cooked meal. Not just pre-made crap that has been re-cooked in the oven.
I have noticed one thing about all this hard work. Every single time I spend time working on something physical, my back gets completely painful and stiff. Not enjoyable, but again, not debilitating either, I have never had a great back, it always "goes out" (whatever that really means) on me. But never this frequently.

An Update on the Angela's parents situation:
We went on the weekend to our nephew Lucas' birthday party at Angela's sister's house. Mom and pop where there. I won't deny that I was a little nervous about seeing them, but it went fine. I was acknowledged and they were even polite to me. It really wasn't any different than before. I honestly think they just need some time.

23 weeks pregnant now. I haven't yet gained any weight. The midwives say that is perfectly alright as I am overweight to begin with. I am going in a week for my 24 week visit. Can't wait to hear her little heart beat again. Although I am feeling better about things now that I feel her consistently moving about in there. She really doesn't like when I have a full bladder!! lol.
Angela is excited to feel her move too, but just can't yet. I anticipate it will be in the next couple weeks that she will begin to be able to feel the little movements.

Angela and I have a weekend camping trip in a couple of weeks. Our friend Michael is coming with us as well. We are going to Algonquin Park, which was always one of my favourite places to go when I was a child. My dad took my brothers and I pretty much every year until I was 12 or 13 and stopped wanting to go. It is hard to get a site reserved in Algonquin because it books up so quickly, But I managed to squeeze in a weekend at Pog Lake, when I looked for a site 4 weeks ago, there were only two available for the weekend we were looking for. We are thinking it might be something we want to do with little baby girl every summer, just as a tradition for her. Our friends Darla and Murray have a family cottage near to the park, and this year we happen to be going the same weekend, so we will probably meet up with them at the park and their kids can swim at the beach etc. (Their cottage is not directly on the water).
Looking forward to everything. Including my 2 day work week this week ;)

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