Monday, August 16, 2010

back from camping

We got back from our camping trip last night at around 11pm. EXHAUSTED! it was a great time, but we wish we could have gone for longer. The weather held out for us with only a few sprinkles on Saturday evening, mostly after we were in the tent for the night. Good thing we put that tarp up! lol.. Ang and I had a disagreement about how the tarp should be put up, so I left it to her, and in the end, it turned out ok... worst thing is, we would have been fine without it at all.
There was a bear in the campground again this year.. apparently it was spotted at 1:30am about 150 m from our tent. We didn't hear it or see it though. Because there wasn't much time and the weather was threatening to rain, we had a hard time deciding how to spend our time. We would have gone hiking and all that had we had more time there. Michael and I did go for a swim in the lake. It was so nice.. i loved it.
Most of the time was spent around the fire, just talking and playing stupid games, joking and telling stories. It was very relaxing. Two nights is worth it, but I wouldn't do just one. Not that far away anyway. Maybe one night stop over somewhere, and with the guarantee that it wasn't going to rain, and we would only use just the tent... it's just so much gear with everything, for a one night trip i would feel as though I took everything out and then put it away again...

25 Weeks pregnant today. Little baby is making lots of movements in there. Sometimes i can see my whole belly move but not often. Angela has yet to really feel her moving in there, but we're hoping soon. I am scheduled for another ultrasound on September 9. There wasn't a good view of hands, feet, heart and spine in the last one (I guess not of the sex organs either), so we have been offered one more. My one cousin died a couple months after her birth because of a heart defect, so we have accepted the offer for the third with hopes of seeing the heart better.

I have pretty much used all of my vacation time up for this year... but that's ok, there is only really 3 months until I get my year off for Mat leave. I haven't quite decided yet when to go off. I am dreading all the paperwork that comes along with Mat leave. I have always hated filling out forms etc.

ok.. well.. that's the update for now.

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Shannon said...

Sounds like a great time! I haven't been camping since I was a kid.