Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 year ago today

Well today's the day... On this day last year I got my BFP. I was happy that day.
Currently, I am enduring the last 3 days of my two week wait. I previously stated that I'm not feeling I this month. I stick to my intuition. I'm still not feeling it. I have felt no different at any point of this 2WW than I have in the past 7 negative months. In fact, I've been having PMS for the last couple days. Crampies... Not bad ones, but the ones I generally get before my period. I could start spotting at any moment. That generally happens 3 days or so before the visit from AF.
I have to admit though that I am feeling on board with my doctors theory that I just have to keep trying and I will get pregnant. There are too many positive fertile signs, for something to be wrong. Ask me in a year if I still feel this way.
I have been coping with yet another dissapointing month by continually reminding myself i'm not really in a race with this. It will be every bit exciting and joyful in a year from now if that's when it happens than it would be now. Sure, there is a bit of a race with time but I've got 7+ years. Maybe I should worry after 5 years.
Also, i'm the kind of person who enjoys looking forward to things almost as much as the actual event. If I get pregnant too soon, that's it... The event.. So right now I should enjoy looking forward to discovering I'm pregnant.
Happy Thursday everyone!!
I have a three day weekend this weekend :)

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Teaberry said...

That's a really positive way of looking at things... I really do hope that you find yourself pleasantly surprised this time, though!