Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday Night

Last night I decided to make a nice dinner for Angela. She finishes work 2 hours after me on the days that we both work the "day" shift. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up two very nice steaks, two nice potatoes, and some mushrooms. (we had some vegetables and cressent rolls at home already) Once I got home, I decided to take it a step further. I thought... wouldn't it be nice for Angela to come home to a nice "romantic" dinner. We do have a "dining room", but it isn't much for ambiance. So, I put two T.V. tables together in the Living to make a small table, and covered it will a table cloth. I placed our plates and cutlery and napkins on the table, with two candles. (I had no candle holders for tapers, so I had to stick them in empty beer bottles) I lit candles around the room, and also turned on a "lounge" station on the music channels of the cable we subscribe to. I cooked up the dinner, all but the steaks. Once Angela came home, she was surprised, and pleased. I finished bbqing the steak, and we sat down to a very nice meal together. We actually talked. It was nice. We've been finding it hard to relax, or enjoy each others company with all the stress that we have surrounding us these days. I think it was just what we needed.
I can post pictures of it later on... I am not at home and don't have my camera with me to upload anything.
What do you guys do when you need a little time to re-connect?


Stacey said...

aww that's awesome

we don't have time to reconnect. haha.

flowers, nice meals, hot tub...but really it isn't too elaborate now that we have 2 kids because we rarely have alone time. one time angele sent me to a spa as a surprise and met up with me after (with riley) for a lunch there in a private room. it was so beautiful. :)

Loralou said...

That sounds like a very nice evening together :)

m said...

sounds lovely. we sometimes take the dog for a walk together, but often, it's just an extended hug or short dance in the kitchen while cooking.