Thursday, November 19, 2009

It takes a while to achieve perfection.

So, I am not pregnant again. Its OK. I didn't have that feeling this time anyway so I knew. I wasn't expecting anything.
We'll just keep trying. Maybe we will get our BFP on Christmas. Wouldn't that be fun?
I have been feeling very Christmasy today. I think it could be due to listening to a Christmas CD in the van with some of the people I work for. Normally I think November is too early for Christmas. I get all un-Christmasy by the time it actually rolls around. I just wish it would get cold and snow. I miss snow. It always helps with the Christmas cheer. Looks like we may get some flurries in the next couple of weeks... but nothing too promising.
I want to go buy all kinds of fun decorations.. and things that smell like Christmas.. :)


Teaberry said...

well, here's to a BFP in 2010!!

and have fun buying Christmasy scented stuff-- that's always a blast!

Anonymous said...

Ahh. I was just saying to Courtney that we need a Christmas candle to replace the green tea one we've been burning since last year!

I'm a BIG fan of the candles that Method (the Shoppers Drug Mart eco-friendly line) put out their first year - smelt like a white tic-tac.. mmmm. but they haven't carried them since (and that was 3 years ago.. I still go there with hopes of seeing one).

We were grocery shopping the other day, and the candy cane mint chocolate soy milk is back for the season - but out of stock as usual. My lovely wifey ordered me a case of the stuff so I wouldn't go without this year :) That's love.

Stacey said...

we're ready for christmas too. :)

so just a question cuz i can't remember...has the donor's sperm ever been checked to make sure it's good??? like no low sperm count or anything? just wondering.

hey, if it doesn't work, maybe you could try a clinic. even if you just do monitoring. i know that at lifequest it was free (blood tests, ultrasounds) so you should be able to get that there if you needed to.

fx for you to get that bfp for xmas.

Karen said...

we've never checked the sperm. Not yet anyway. We figured since in worked for us once, it must be ok. We will have it checked eventually if we don't get the BFP. We're trying to take a casual approach. Thanks for the info on lifequest!