Monday, July 20, 2009


Well right on schedule, Af showed up at 7:00am sharp. I am looking at this as good news today. The reason for that is that it came exactly 14 days after ovulation, which means I am having good cycles. :)


Teaberry said...

Oh darn! Well, at least you're right on cycle and can start again soon!

2momswithaplan said...

Hello! I first want to say sorry about AF showing but think its great that you are looking at the positive. To answer your question from our blog - we purchased our catheters from Zavos Diagnostic Labs. Just google them and you should find their site no problem. I only paid 9.50 for two caths and no shipping! I think its crazy that other place is charging so much to ship two tiny straws.... I hope this place gives you what you need! Good luck to you on your next cycle!

Stacey said...

sorry it didn't work. :( hoping things look up soon!