Friday, July 17, 2009

11 DPO

I still have no clue if this insem worked or not. I am 11 dpo today. That means I could test tomorrow, I got my bfp on 12 dpo last time. I don't know, I think I'll just wait until Monday to see if AF shows up. If not, I'll test on Tuesday morning. Tuesday is my day off.
My breasts still really aren't sore, but a couple of other things going on to that sway me from the absolutely didn't work category. I am now thinking 90% not pregnant, 10% possible.
I bawled my eyes out the other day watching Inter.vention. But all of the symptoms I've been having, could just be normal for me. I can't tell. I keep craving Zesty D.oritos, and am eating more than usual, not craving sweets like I normally do, sort of constipated, but that could be from lack of drinking water. My breasts aren't sore like they were last time, but they are sort of weird... just not normal for me. Tuesday just can't get here fast enough. I've been having af like cramps off an on, just mild ones for the last while. Oh I don't know.
*** UPDATE***
I was having Mc Donald's Chicken Mc Nuggets for lunch with Fries, I couldn't eat the fries because they made me gag. I think I can recall this happening last pregnancy. I could be wrong. Even just typing this made me gag again. 11% possiblilty now. ;)

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