Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have got the upstairs mostly done now. We still need to hang some curtains in the bedrooms (we're going for the ghetto look right now with sheets pinned up) and sort through a couple of boxes in the spare bedroom.
We also need to do the basement. We have to arrange a time when we can pick up that second hand couch we were buying and the retro lamp (that Ang doesn't want me to have) and a TV stand. Computer, cable and all that is all hooked up. Did I mention I did laundry until midnight the other day.. woo hoo.. lol... we got a free bar fridge with our washer and dryer so we have that down here in the basement. This is where we will be keeping the "office" and "rec-room".
I'm not quite at the picture posting stage yet, as there are a few things that just need a little fine tuning, and we're not sure yet if we are keeping the curtains we have now in the living room. They are the only ones we had that fit the patio door, and they is red. Our Decorating experts are in a split decision about them, Steven says yes-go bold with the red, and Michael says, no go with the softer sheer blues that we have in the kitchen window right now.

Ok.. so far, still feeling positive about this month I had a bit of cramping like the ones I get before and during AF (but much less pain) yesterday, and today got some weird heartburn when hungry... but other than that.. no symptoms at all.
I won't test probably until 14 + days, cause I will be too disappointed if nothing comes up positive, and AF is natures way of telling you it didn't work and it doesn't cost money. ;) But that could all change as time goes on. I might get the urge to test early when it gets to 12 days. We'll see.

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Teaberry said...

How exciting, all around! I hope that we get to see pictures of your new place, soon!