Monday, February 2, 2009

The Boxes are in...

So, the boxes are in the new place. I did a lot of unpacking in the kitchen, but am waiting to do the living area until tomorrow. I have the day off. My good friend Michael is coming over to help me with it because he is so good at decorating and all that. Every time I go to his house, it is very warm and welcoming so I wouldn't mind having a little of that at my own place.
Angela worked mostly downstairs in the basement with the storage, and office/hideaway area we are hoping to achieve.
The bedrooms are both all set up and done except for hanging pictures and also curtains/window dressings. I am hoping that my current curtain rods will fit in the new windows. They are much wider than at our old place. I know for sure I will need to pick up a couple of new panels of curtains, but that's not too bad. I will post pictures once it looks how I want it to.

I am still feeling very positive about this attempt. Amongst all the craziness of the moving, we still managed to fit in 3 insems. And I just feel good.
I don't want to jinx it, but also I want to have a positive attitude. Anyone know of the superstition on this subject? Do I pretend like it may not work as not to jinx it, or do I feel that it did to have a positive outlook. Crossing my fingers.

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Stacey said...

Yay on the move! Can't wait to see pictures.

For the tries that did work for us, we had a feeling it did. It was different from all other tries. We just thought positively. Not to say that we didn't think positively the other tries but it was different. So maybe you're thinking it's different is a good sign. Keeping everything crossed for you. Are you an early tester? When can we expect a test?