Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got a nice RED gift for valentine's day today. I'm sure you can guess what it is.
Oh well.. Back to CD 1. I guess we'll just keep trying. Not much more that we can do.
Right now, I'm focusing on the positive.
I have a nice regular cycle.
My Luteal Phase is exactly 14 days, which is perfect.
My Dr. Suggested that I try to lose weight and said that even 5 - 10 lbs would make a big difference, So, I'll give that a go.
I find it has been easier to eat more at home meals (always healthier) since we have moved... so that should help.


Teaberry said...

I'd love to chat sometime via email... would you send your address?

I'm thinking that I will probably also have to lose some weight before TTC--I'd love to swap methods!

Stacey said...

aw sorry to hear that. how does weight affect it? i ask because i know many overweight people who have had babies... if you're ovulating regularly i don't understand how weight makes a difference. i thought it was more like if the weight caused your ovulation to be wonky...

maybe it will happen soon. we bought our house in march and moved in--that try didn't work. we got pregnant in june. i hope once things are settled in your body will realize that it's time!!!!

Karen said...

they say that the weight affects the hormones, I really don't get it either, because I do ovulate regularly.
I've also had a lot of stress lately, so that is probably not helping too much.
Really, if you think about it, we've only had 3 ovulations since we started trying, and the first time, was sort of well... I wouldn't count it as a real try anyway.. so we've only had two real trys so far. I'm not going to let it worry me at this early point.

Heidi said...

I'm on the lose weight bandwagon too, but being on vacation didn't help much.

I've gotten pregnant heavier than I am now, so I don't really believe the hype...but I'm trying everything at this point.

I'm so sorry about your bfn. May there never be another one for you.