Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rainy Christmas Eve

Well.. I woke up this morning to a lovely rain... on Christmas Eve. The forecast says that it is supposed to taper off by this afternoon, and then the temperature will be dropping below 0, followed by some flurries. That should make for some lovely snow covered ice rinks on the streets for Christmas day! It's all good.

I'm not too sure that I really slept at all last night. I worked afternoons yesterday (until 11pm) and then once I got home and in bed it was almost 1am. Then, all night long, I could hear this terrible sound. The gutter on our apartment building has a gap in it, right above our bedroom window (which I keep open all night due to the facts that I can't sleep without fresh air, and that our building blasts the heat all winter and we have no control over it in each apartment suite), so, all I could hear was this pouring, puddling, water noise... it was very loud and annoying. Then, I had to get up early as I am doing the 7am-3pm shift today (as a favour to a friend). I'm not really sure how well I sleep on the nights that I have to work in the morning anyway, I am forever waking myself up to see what time it is. Does anyone know how to break that habit. I always sleep fine when I don't have to get up in the morning at any particular time. Only when I know my alarm has been set. I think in the past year, I have only had to rely on my alarm clock to wake me one time, as I usually am awake and turn it off before it rings.

I tell you, I am so happy we decided to move. I was having some apprehension about it early on, but now I am glad. For so many reasons... some of them are : we can control our own heat, our laundry will no longer get locked in the laundry room over night, we can do our laundry whenever we feel like it, It won't cost us $3.00 a load/$20 a week to do our laundry, I won't have to walk out into a smokey hallway every morning, I will no longer have to look at the large naked fellow who sits in his underwear in his patio window EVERY SINGLE DAY (pretty much all day) staring out at the world around him, my mail won't be locked in a tiny little box that only one key can access, I will have a (small) yard, we'll be in walking distance to the local sex shop (*LOL), I won't be startled out of bed at 1:30am because someone decided to get all drunk on a Thursday night and pull the fire alarm, and many many more reasons. As of right now, the only thing that I can think of that will be a bummer about moving is that our donor will be living a little further away. Right now he's about 1km away and when we move, he'll be 3km away.

Hurray to the new year and new adventures!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

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