Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Two days until Christmas. I just don't feel very Christmasy these days. I don't know why. I thought that some nice snow would help me with my Christmas cheer, but we got a great snow storm... and still nadda. We went to my mom's house last night for our family Christmas with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews. It was cute to see the little guys open their gifts up and play with them. The littlest guy has a cold and isn't feeling well, but he's very very cute. The older guy is at that age where he wants all the attention but isn't "cute" anymore.. because that's not cool.
We decided this year that we would only do gifts for the kids, and the mom, but of course my mom got us all gifts and had to give us some money.
The weather was calling for another good 20cm of snow on Christmas eve, but now I noticed on the weather channel that it has changes to rain. Ewww... I hope that it doesn't rain on Christmas.

My mom and I have been invited to my dad's sister's house for boxing day celebrations. (its weird I know.. my dad and mom are totally divorced have been for 27 years, but my dad's sisters invite my mom over for holiday celebrations).. but I am not sure what to do. I am out to all of my mom's family, but only recently came out to my dad (only because we have such a strange and impersonal relationship)... now.. I don't know if his family knows that I am gay or not (because again, we rarely have any contact with them). I mean, my cousins have been hinting that they know I guess.. unless that is me thinking that they are hinting. One said we should have a bbq one summer for all the family and that me and my "room-mate" should attend, and the other said that "Ang?" and I should totally come to Kingston to visit them. SO the point of this rambling is to say.. I'll bring Ang with me.. but how do I introduce her? as my "girlfriend"? or just as "Angela" ... I Just feel like it will be an awkward situation. Should I just leave them to their own assumptions? Tricky. or Simple? I don't know... Any advice is appreciated.

Umm.. so Try number three should be coming up sometime soon, I best be starting my OPK's again soon. :S Holiday insemination... good luck?


Teaberry said...

Yeah, just say "This is Angela." and if anyone asks, say that she's your partner. I found that the more matter of fact I was, people didn't feel that they could comment!

Best of luck with your upcoming insems!! I think we're starting in Feb!

Angele said...

I think it's fine to say partner/girlfriend if you want to. If you come off as matter-of-fact as the PP said, people don't really react or you don't leave them room to react. If you don't act like it's a dirty little secret then what can they do?

No rain on Christmas! That just sucks!

Good luck with try #3!!

Angele said...

P.S. Post above was me, Stacey. I always forget it's signed in as my wife on this computer. :P

R said...

Just wanted to send lots of luck for your insemination!!! :) BABY DUST!! BABY DUST! BABY DUST!!