Friday, December 5, 2008

One to go.

One week down, one week to go.

I don't really have much to say tonight. I just thought that since I am just sitting here watchin the dogs play together, I should maybe do a post.

I only have one week left of the 2WW. Seems like such a long time, I have decided not to hold my breath. I think our donor is doing enough praying for all of us, as he would like to go back to doing that for pleasure, not under pressure! LOL... He's in for a long ride.. lol.. maybe when he signed those papers, he didn't know what he was getting into. We like to tease him. Funny conversation.. we had the other day.. (warning, might put you off a bit, but it was sooo funny)
So the donor and his partner come over to our place to do the deed.. (ya, we're lucky enough to have it delivered to our bedroom door.. lol) and this is how the conversation went pre-deed doing.
D = Donor
P = Donor's Partner

M = me...

A= Angela
Ok.. so the donor comes out of the bathroom...

D - "so, is that the syringe you will be using in there in the bathroom?"

M- "well, it is similar, but we have a sterile one in a package in the bedroom to use"

D - "Are you sure it is long enough?, it looks kind of small"
A - "that's what they said to use on the web page where we have been getting our insemination advice from"

D- "oh.. cause if we were doing this the regular way, I would be a lot further in there than that..."
A - "umm... is that an offer?"
M- "lol"

P - "ya, that better not be an offer"
M- "some one has an ego!"
all of us "lol"

Ok, so maybe it was sort of a had to be there kind of thing.

I have been thinking a lot about the process, you know, the natural part. Once it is all in there and doing it's job. I seem to think that this really is a miracle.. all those tiny little microscopic organisms soooo small.. swimming in such a large area.. (that really isn't full of liquid all the time.. so I don't so much get the swimming part, I mean... 2cc of liquid really isn't that much.. does it fill up your uterus and provide a mini lake - so to speak - for the little guys to swim in?) Not too mention how do they know weather or not to take a left or a right ... and then to have to meet up with another tiny little microscopic cell... what are the chances. It really isn't that easy to get pregnant is it? So why do they scare you so much in highschool??
LOL>.. ok... so enough of my crazy stream of thought...
I'll let you get back to your lives... and stop weaving into my messed up thought patterns..
Have a good weekend everyone.

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