Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Did I mention we will be moving on February 1st?
I think I may have. I am pretty excited about the new place, but not so much about the acutal moving. I will have to ask my co-worker/friend if he can drive a big truck. (he is qualified as a fire fighter, and I think that means he has the big truck liscense) That way, if he can drive a big truck, we can pack everything in all at once. I will have to start packing all of our junk up right away.
This is the first time that we will be required to move in one day only. I guess we could possibly get the place a day early but that will cost extra. I will figure out what it would cost if we could get the keys on Jan 30. They prorate the rent, becasue of liability. Might only be $50 or so, so it might be worth looking into. I just feel better about having a day or so to come back to make sure we have everything... clean up a bit, before leaving this place.

One more week until we try again! :S


Teaberry said...

will you change your blog title now?

Karen said...

LoL .. it is funny you ask... I was considering it. ;)
But I will probably keep it the same, because that is where I started.