Saturday, November 8, 2008

In other news...

Well in other news, Ang and I applied to move into a town house. We figured out that we could rent a place way bigger than ours for only about $20 more a month than we already pay, if we can manage to buy a washer and dryer. It isn't the most fabulous neighbourhood in the city, but it is no worse than where we are now, and it has a nice little yard for the dogs to spend some time outside. We will still have to walk them at least 2x a day though, as the yard isn't really big enough for them to run around, and they'll need their exercise.
We will actually have a basement. A real basement, where we can keep our kitty box, and all of our Junk that we are sooooo attached to that we can possibly get rid of it. Silly sometimes when you think about it... the things we keep. We should probably do a purge every 2 months... The other things we plan for the basement is a casual computer/ x-box / TV area. That way when our friends come over with their kids, they will have somewhere to play.. and Ang will also have somewhere to play. LOL...
The basement is sort of divided. One half is where the furnace, water heater and laundry/storage would be, the other half is sort of just a big space. It is completely unfinished. But I think with the help of Ang's dad, we can probably finish it enough to be comfortable. Maybe get a carpet remnant or something to cover the floor.
Both the bedrooms are each the size of the two we have now put together. That is exciting in itself. We are hoping to make the one room "the baby room" along with a spare double bed, just in case anyone wants to stay over. We figure we could sleep in there with the kid (if we have one, don't want to jinx myself) and surrender our master suite (ha ha) to the company.
Also, the living room has laminate floors.. and we are planning to block the dogs from going upstairs to the bedrooms without supervision. (won't last long lol)
I am off now... Just had a few mins to spare... so I thought I would share the other news.

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