Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm a bad bad blogger....

November 7, 2008. Today.
Well.. it has been a week since we did our first try at the at home insem. Is Halloween a lucky day? My little ovulation tester worked early. Did the insem work? Who knows? If you know.. please tell me. I seriously doubt that the first try would ever work. But, then, if I was trying not to get pregnant, I would be paranoid that I was already right?
One week left to wait.
All of a sudden I feel shy about sharing my life's personal details all over the internet where anyone can read it. I guess I am just nervous that those who I want to surprise, may be reading it.
Of course, I promised myself that I wouldn't be one of those "everything is a sign" people when it came down to it... but I am. Everything means it worked. I feel all PMSy. Of course that means it worked right? I have sore, and bleeding gums.. that means it worked.. been having strange dreams - must have worked, Thirsty all the time.. Think that means it worked?... will keep ya updated, when I know.
Hope all is well out there.
Congratulations to the States! Obama ! yay!!!

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Teaberry said...

If you go private, count me in!

Best wishes to you both---how exciting about your first insem!!!